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Sam 3D

3D generalist / 3D web dev

Since I bought my first 3D printer in 2017 I been creating my own 3D print designs. In the beginning I also textured and animated the models for CG. At this time I was also learning to program so I could create games from scratch in mainly JavaScript and the Three.js library. Since 2023 aside from this website I stopped programming and creating models for CG, now I'm fully focused on 3D printing.
On this site are some of my projects from the last few years.


3D print design



3D print design



3D print design

More projecten

3D printing

As a 3D generalist 3D printing is the solution to bring my 3D models to life.

To do this I use a FDM and a Resin / SLA printer.

From unique sculptures to functional prototypes, everything is possible with 3D printing.

3D modelling

With 7+ years of experience in Blender I have al the skills necessary to create a game ready model from scratch.

Like highpoly sculpting, boxmodeling, retopology, UV-unwrapping, texturing and animations.

3D web development

To make 3D models interactive in the browser I use the Three.js library.

This allows me to both create the graphical and the code side of a 3D browser application. Which in turn leads to an efficient development process.