Lionhead lamp

A sculpture of a lions head with a lamp fitting inside.


Making this sculpture consisted of making 2 parts, the face and the manes.

leeuwenlamp gezicht
leeuwenlamp haar

Because until now I didn't really create much animal fur this was a challenge for me at first because there are many different ways to create it.
I decided to take my time and study different methods so in the future I won't struggle with it as much.

leeuwenlamp styles

Recently I'm also forcing myself to exaggerate details because when you 3D print a design the smaller details often don't show as much as they do on the computer.

leeuwenlamp viewport
leeuwenlamp viewport

At first I just created the sculpture of the lions head for a 3d print test version to see how the fur would look.
This is a small version but still the details are decent.
After this I created the lamp fitting for the inside of the lions head.

leeuwenlamp viewport

To fix the lions head to the fitting I use m5 bolts.

With a RGB led it also looks cool.

leeuwenlamp viewport

Gifthorse WIP

Don't do it.


The proces

gifthorse edit mode


When making the sculpture I always keep as much objects seperated for performance until later on when I join them al together.


The gun is a Smith and Wesson.

gifthorse edit mode
gifthorse edit mode


After completing the sculpture I slice everything so it can be printed in parts without to much supports.

At the moment the model is not yet finished, still need to a filler and sand it.

facepalm edit mode

Facepalm sculpture

What you could've done instead of wasting time on computers


The proces

At first I decided to sculpt it all as one single object but it was much easier to seperate the parts.
Especially the face is much easier to keep seperate for symmetrical sculpting.

facepalm 3d model1 one part
facepalm 3d model2 multiple parts
facepalm 3d model3 joined together


Also made a lowpoly version.

facepalm edit mode

3D printing it

This was the longest print time for a design until now.

facepalm edit mode

I sliced it in 6 parts but because one print failed midprint it became 7 parts.

This was printed on a relatively stock CR-10s printer so it was noisey as hell.

Epoxy clay

I lost a lot of details because of sanding and fillers so I used epoxy clay.

facepalm edit mode

It works great and I will use it more in future projects for sure.


Forum Groningen

Iconic building in the heart of Groningen city.

forum groningen 3d model

After collecting a lot of good pictures of the Forum from different angles I got to work making the 3D model.

The model

forum groningen 3d modelFront
forum groningen 3d modelRight
forum groningen 3d modelBack
forum groningen 3d modelTop
forum groningen 3d modelLeft

The outside of the building is pretty straight forward, the things which took up most of the time where the escalator stairs and the inside wall layout. Since I don't have any exact build plans only those I could find online, I decided not to remake the complete building as that would take a lot of time to figure out the layout.

The textures

The outside of the Forum is covered in 'Wachenzeller' dolomite. To remake this in Blender I used brick texture nodes to create the brick layout.
After that I used a couple of noise and voronoi texture nodes to add in some color and details of the dolomite.
For the bump details I used the brick texture layout with some procedural scratches generated with a noise node setup to make them a bit more realistic.

forum indeling stenenforum indeling stenenforum indeling stenenforum indeling stenen

For the glas I used the Three.js MeshPhysicalMaterial class.
A problem I had with glass materials was that transparent objects behind glass would not renderer correctly. This could be due to the render order. A simpler fix I found was to just set the material.transparent to false for the objects when the transparent slider value is 100.

forum glass settings

The code

The controlling code is pretty basic. A lot of functionality comes from the examples page of the Three.js website.
For example the first person controls is an adapted version of this example
And the map controls are the standard MapControls from the OrbitControls module

Where I did end up spending some time on was making a navmesh. A navigation mesh is a simplified 3D model which contains only the geometry on which a game-entity is allow to move.
The main advantage of a navmesh is that it's a efficient way to do collision detection.

forum groningen 3d modelNavigation mesh
forum groningen 3d modelCollision mesh

The navmesh I made didn't work as expected so I ended up creating a regular collision mesh for the model. Which also works but is a bit slower.

To avoid problems with loading the 3D models in JavaScript, I used Promise base loading like in this example:

The rest of the code is mostly related to the user interface, making parts of the building change in opacity when the user uses a slider for example.

In the future I also intend to add touch screen controls.

Explore the Forum in 3D




Aliens among us.


I started out with sculpting the torso. After that I sculpted a tentacle and just copied and pasted it. Then I made the suction cups and also copied and pasted those. To make it animate-able I did a clean retopology and sculpted skin details on a multires modifier.


Question, how many suction cups does the model have?

  • A: 346
  • B: 589
  • C: 726
  • A: 1343
forum groningen 3d model

Textures and armature

The texture is build up from multiple mask layers to create a detailed final texture which I also can make changes to easily.

The armature is also a lot of copy and paste work, other than that it's a relatively easy animal to rig.

Here a video showing the texture and armature.

With a quick subsurface shader(and human eyes) they do really look like aliens.

octopus alien
octopus alienoctopus alien

New website

Build from scratch.


My old website was pretty basic so I decided to make a new one.


The styling is mostly focused around the index page which has to cover the site content and look good on lots of devices. Therefore I made the abstract backgrounds in Blender.

forum indeling stenenforum indeling stenen
forum indeling stenenforum indeling stenen
forum indeling stenenforum indeling stenen
forum indeling stenenforum indeling stenen

Old 3D models and code

The new website does not include all of the 3D models I've made over the years. For this I still have to take the time to re-render them. There are also some JavaScript code projects which are not on here as well. But for now I am happy with how the site has turned out.